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Phil says:

“Business is like flying. As soon as you are off the ground you get blown off course. The question is: are you pilot or passenger?”

Client Comments

For me, the clarification of terminology was very helpful, particularly
with regard to the different types of profit. I think the course gave me
a much better general appreciation of project financing, which makes me
feel a lot more confident with my own projects.
Fiona: Renewable Energy Systems Ltd

As indicated on the feedback sheet I found the training very useful, both as a refresher on terminology, principles etc and also on specific areas such as applying DCF techniques.
Since the course we have been carrying out re-forecasting exercises for all projects through to the end of this financial year. The budgeting part of the training is very relevant here and this will be picked up again in September/October as we set project budgets for 07/08. 
Richard :Renewable Energy Systems Ltd

The training has proved to be useful in my day to day work here at RES. The main thing is just to understand more about the basics of finance and the jargon. As I think we mentioned in the training RES Heat & Power are working with a number of small installer companies. Well we talk about these companies a lot in a normal days work and the ways we can help them, one of the main ones of these is financial and I understand this more.
We also went through the setting up of an ESCo in the Dragon Dens part of your training. This is also a big part of Heat & Powers business and I now have a greater understanding of this too.
Thanks for you training
Chris :Renewable Energy Systems Ltd

“May I just say thank you very much for holding this training course, I found it very

interesting and learnt a lot."

Matthew Tullet – Twelve20

“I hear you met Anna, my partner at Office Lifeline, yesterday. She’s been boring me

with all the details about how good it was and what she’s learned and discovered

about herself. The other attendees seemed to derive equally great benefits too. And,

Anna speaks very highly of you and Phil and the way you both delivered the

workshop with an easy professional style. Apparently, it was one of the most useful

and enjoyable courses she’s attended .... praise indeed."

Denis Pelych – Viretec (talking about joint training with Helen Brewster at ATL Solutions)

“Phil has helped the firm and I develop and grow through his professional approach and wide ranging experience” – Andrew Woolley, Woolley & Co Solicitors

“I have worked with Phil on a number of training sessions for IT professionals in UKITA. He has a very professional approach to training and uses his considerable experience to ensure delegates learn lessons of value that they can put into practice. His session on presentation skills was especially well received. I have also found him very enjoyable to work with and I know the people we have trained have felt the same.”

Helen Brewster ATL Solutions

Just got the certificate for the training. Want to use this chance to thank you and Nick. Looking back I realize more and more how useful this training was for me personally helped understand a lot of why I behave in certain ways both as a leader and as a person. No longer feel as bad about being an introvert as I now know more on what the thing is exactly and how to deal with it. I see better personality and behaviour types in other people as well. Thanks again.
Physical Channels Manager DHL International

1) Your feedback to us about the training well structured. It was on the academic side of things. The training felt like a graduate's course seminar, which I liked.
2) Your key learning points which you have applied so far.
Believe it or not with a lot of people I feel a kind of barrier removed,- in that I no longer try to control most of the time, but listen to what they say and find ways to make that beneficial for the cause.
3) Any other aspects of leadership you would still like to work on.
I need to work more on not letting myself down when I do or say something stupid because I am tired or something. Something like that actually prevents people from following you.
Sales Manager – DHL International

Thank U for the brilliant training we had this week!
Also special thanks for games - I'm still impressed:)
I'd like to mark the training as 10 and games as minimum 15 (but unfortunately I don't have such option :))
We are waiting to meet you again in Moscow and believe the next session will be such positive and useful as this one :)
Best regards,
Field Sales Manager

Dear Phil,
Thank you very much for the training. It was one of the best trainings in which I participated for the last 2 years (Mark 10).
Thank you very much for your enthusiasm, very good preparation and sharing very important knowledge in the most efficient way.
Learning points are - Efficient instruction of people, Leaders behaviour, people motivation, Games.
Sales Manager DHL International

Since returning to the office I've had the opportunity to look more closely into the financial assessment figure for the projects that I'm directly involved in and in particular the sensitivity of the project to minor changes to the construction costs and IRR especially for small projects.
The contents of the course enable me to look in more detail at the figures presented by our financial colleagues.
Another important issue that we have to get to grips with is the whole question of budgets for individual projects and the importance of "bottom up" budgets which makes you think more closely at the items making up the budget and "what if" scenarios.
Your training notes are not far away.

 Project Manager, Renewable Energy Systems plc

For me, the clarification of terminology was very helpful, particularly with regard to the different types of profit. I think the course gave me a much better general appreciation of project financing, which makes me feel a lot more confident with my own projects. -
Construction Manager, Renewable Energy Systems Plc

“Another excellent course that was well delivered” – Julien Lake

“Lots of info, given by knowledgeable, approachable tutor. Learnt lots to take back to the office” – Karen Spencer
“Phil’s delivery was extremely clear and concise. Although I was lost on one or two occasions, he was able to clarify these points. I feel his experience within the banking sector has enables him to put certain points across in an informed manner” – Ruth Dance
“Again, Phil made the day very enjoyable and informative” – Ann Bonney

“Delivery was more engaging than I was expecting for a potentially dry subject matter” – Stuart Merrie

“Delivery was very good, a lot of info easily presented and interesting” – Gill Ainsley

“Excellent delivery style, good background knowledge. Just right” – Jason Harrison

“This is the fifth workshop in the series that I have attended. I work for a number of organisations both paid and on a voluntary basis. The skills I have gained here have already made a difference in my work and I have only just scratched the surface of trying to develop. Each session has demonstrated that I still have a lot to learn, but I have a far greater understanding of financial statements and how to work with them than before. Thank you for the opportunity to develop.”  Angela Burrow

“Phil is very up on current financial issues – very knowledgeable” – Claire Knowles

“Phil engaged with participants to ensure understanding was achieved” – Christopher Elliot-Newman

Phil was an amazing coach, always giving maximum feedback that was spot on, but without making anyone feel uncomfortable. It was an amazing learning experience! - Andrea Scarino Novartis

Useful, novel and informative. An excellent course
Ben Burkard, Steamship Mutual

The session was run by an informative, interactive and enagaging way by a passionate trainer
Jamie Taylor, Steamship Mutual

A very informative course with useful practical exercises in real life situations
Felix McClure Steamship Mutual

“Great course, skilled facilitator” Taino Idomi, National Pensions Commission

“I was better able to understand Alpha and Beta because the facilitator explained thoroughly and used real life examples that make concepts easy to remember. He was fantastic.” Chioma Orgiako National Pensions Commission Nigeria
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