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Phil says:

“Business is like flying. As soon as you are off the ground you get blown off course. The question is: are you pilot or passenger?”

About Us

Phil Ingle Associates provides training to help organisations to improve their ability to make profit. And we're not just talking money - profit comes from the Latin word proficio: to make progress, advance, assist, help, aid, be of use.    We help you do that by custom designing training programmes to enable you to do more business, manage your people better, enable to them feel more confident when meeting customers, and yes - also have more money coming in than going out. Which is much easier than the other way round.

Phil Ingle Associates is run by Phil Ingle, Managing Director, and the team of Training Specialists whose experience covers the range of essential skills needed to complement professional specialisms. These day most people need to be able to put across their product or service: they need to be able to present a message, and they need to be able to lead and manage other people (whatever their position in the organisation).

We are based in the UK in South Warwickshire - this means we can easily get to much of the UK from our central location. And we also operate internationally, having run training events in Paris, Brussels, Milan, Moscow, Miami, San Francisco, New York, Riyadh, Barcelona, Lisbon, Budapest, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Nice and Stratford on Avon. 

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